Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Style Guide

Style Guide for Bear Bones Systems:

Small print on the website is Nimbus Sans with the most comparable font in google drive as Abel. If it’s not in the fonts go to add-ons>“Extensis Fonts”> Abel
Bear Bones Systems is in Cinzel Font
Bones is in black font with a white shadow
“BEAR SYSTEMS” is 25% grey
Website only has 75% blue/gray accents in some lettering, buttons, and header design throughout

Modified Words from original website:
  • Drop-ins
  • Flatbed
New Website:


Stacy is 35, and wants to find the perfect gift for her husband on their 10 year wedding anniversary. Her husband Jared, loves to go kayaking in the many reservoirs around southern Utah but would prefer not to carry the kayaks on top of the car anymore. They enjoy spending summer days on the water with their 4 boys, who are also very active in the quading and dirt biking community.
Skyler is 24, he lives in St. George and attends Dixie State University. When he isn’t in class or studying he likes to ride dirt bikes in his free time considering southern Utah has some of the best trails around with easy access and close to the city. Skyler however doesn’t own a Truck, he has a small SUV with a hitch but no trailer. He lives with a friend who has a truck and always does the driving when they go out and ride. His friend has a new job that has taken a lot of his riding time away so Skyler is stuck without a way to transport his bike.   

Randy is 47, he currently lives in Casper, Wyoming and just went through a terrible divorce where he was left with his Subaru, one fourwheeler, a rifle, and a dinky two bedroom, single car garage home. While his wife managed to walk away with all the off-road toys, hunting equipment, his truck, and a big 4 bedroom home. Randy was a big hunter and had the equipment to do so, but now in order to provide food for himself he will need something to haul his fourwheeler around on that is relatively small since his garage is limited to storage.

Ashton is 17. He rides dirt bikes competitively but he drives a Toyota Corolla and his dad can’t take him to every competition with his truck. His dad decided to invest in a Bear Bones System trailer for Ashton so that he could haul his bike to all of his own competitions and not be restricted to the free time of his dad. At his competitions people began to ask him about his new trailer because it was unlike anything they had ever seen. Over time he met a new friend who races in a different division and they began to carpool and share the trailer. When the trailer is not hooked up they switch off which garage they leave it in although neither family notices its presence when it is tucked away.

New Logo:


Product Brochure:

Communication Artifact- Bear Bones Systems

As a group project, we chose to revamp Bear Bones Systems LLC. We created and provided a new website, logo, instruction/sales brochure and a 30 second spot commercial. I was in charge of giving the website a make over . To provide a little background on the website the owner of this company is my uncle- a mechanical engineer. He built the website and just as you might guess, he had never built one before and so consequentially it is a bit choppy. But to be fair, I have never built a website either. The skills I was able to put on display came from the design principles I have learned over the last couple months and a guide provided by wix.com  The above image is the landing home page for the old website bear-bones.com. It is really plain and doesn't have much going on. If you scroll down it just has a gallery of pictures with little to no description.  As you scroll through the rest of the website, there is great information about the project, but its not appealing to the aspects of design and what Rutledge has to say. The goal is to redefine the relationship between the human, the vehicle, and the trailer. It's time for a make-over.

Welcome to the home landing page of the new redesigned website for Bear Bones Systems. In order to make this website flow with continuity I followed a group made style guide, the Bear Bones Systems is in the font of Cinzel. The "Bones" is in a black font with a white highlighted shadow, giving the image of bones "Bear Systems" is a 25% gray.

In order to keep design in the cross hairs I had to remember the vocabulary of design. It was very important to me that the website lined up and pointed the consumers eyes in a direction on the page to lead to the next thing. The reason for this was because the old site didn't do that at all. In fact, on the new website half way down on the landing page is a description on the left and sliding images on the right side panning through the product, creating motion through lines. Moving on to texture, the image on the front page has a black and white filter over it. This helps to define texture in not only the image itself, but every part of it from the asphalt to the tires. The picture also shows great figure/ground relationship. I used a 25% gray font to do all of the lettering on a black background except in the header and some areas with a 75% blue-gray. This helps to create more continuity as well as figure/ground relationship.

Above is another page of the old website that just doesn't follow the axioms of web design. It doesn't really follow the Gestalt principles either. Below is the the same section of the website, but with a lot less clutter. I followed the law of similarity matching it with the rest of the website also it is resembled in the products page where each drop in is placed together to achieve maximum understanding. The law of proximity was recognized throughout, but more importantly on the name of the company on the home page. I brought the lettering together on a vertical and horizontal aspect. The law of Pragnanz was a simple, yet appealing website that was smooth flowing. On a side note this trailer is a simplest form product as well. The law of closure is represented with the black background, trying to enclose and highlight the important words and images. Finally the law of continuity is throughout the website and other products because we used a style guide that everyone contributed too. The new website can be found at http://joshboggess44.wix.com/bearbones 

Monday, April 4, 2016


"Now You See Me" is one movie I haven't heard bad things about. Although you can find negativity about anything on the internet, in my peer group it seems that everyone seems to like, if not love this movie. One of the reasons I love this movie is because it was the movie playing on the blind date where I met my now lovely wife.

The Director behind the magic is Louis Leterrier born June 17, 1973 in Paris, France.
The movie was released in 2013 on a $75 million budget and according to IMBd.com this movie brought in $351.7 million in the Box Office. Leterrier has directed 6 other movies since 2002, some of those include The Transporter 1 & 2, The Incredible Hulk, and Unleashed. Something common found in all his movies is that they are fast paced, action packed movies. From one movie to the next he has learned how to get his audience involved. Something that I cant help to notice is that in this particular scene of this movie it is robbing a bank in Paris, France of nearly 3 million euro. The connection comes to light when it comes to light that Leterrier actually grew up in Paris and was there until he was 18. Cant help to wonder if there was a personal connection there... In an exclusive interview by ComingSoon.net, Leterrier talks about how he loves magic and really wanted to direct this film, "I had to prove that I was the right guy for the job and that maybe some of the movies that I’d done before weren’t representative of who I am really inside and the kinds of films I love and want to make."

The Director role comes into place when it comes down to visualizing the written script, and then translating it into real picture and audio on a screen. Because the Director is responsible for how the film does (success or bomb), it is crucial that the Director has a primary part in selecting the right filming location, cast, and crew. They then direct the actors and begin practicing parts in rehearsal to make sure everything goes smoothly (position and placement of actors and script). Not only do they manage the cast and crew, but they oversee the cameras, lighting, audio, design and anything else that may go into to the making of the film. To add a little more stress to the situation, the Director is responsible for staying within the budget for the film.

Gestalt Principles Represented:

Law of Continuity: The Law of Continuity is represented in the different scenes from Las Vegas and the bank in Paris for the bank job to look real and believable. It has to be simultaneously smooth in order to make it seem like a legitimate magic trick. When the man is in the bank vault, communication through the headset must also display continuity. 

Law of Closure: The Law of Closure is represented on stage when the three magicians are starting the magic trick and create a triangle around the middle of the stage enclosing the man that is transported. The representation of a triangle relates to the actual strength of how strong a triangle is, and how strong the trick is about to be.

Law of Proximity: The Law of Proximity is expressed here between the stage (performers) and the audience. It clearly shows a difference between the two and separates them, while at the same time it groups them together.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Composing My Frame

Because this picture has so many different shapes and lines in it, and isn't the most jaw dropping photo of all time, I'm going to break it down. What you are looking at in this picture is one of the many views you can get from being on the second floor of the Holland building at Dixie State University. In this photo, the Rule of Thirds is applied in showing the two most important parts of the picture, number one being the person closest to the bottom wearing shorts and a tan jacket and number two, directly above him near the top is the last bit of the stairs that creates the thought of " I wonder where that leads too?" At the same time this concept is using both diagonal lines, and vectors. The diagonal lines create a z axis in the railings going down and the strong floating stairway going up to help your eyes follow through the picture, eventually all leading back to the walking man. The man creates a sense of movement or motion, other wise known as the motion vector. This will continue to lead your eye through the photo. In this given photo, his motion jumps to the railing, and moves up toward the camera, from there it can continue straight up to the diagonal stairs line, or over to the windows and up the prominent beam.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Not only do I hate shaving but I hate advertisements that don't make sense, yes it makes sense what GLIDE is drawing lines too and associating this zucchini with, but how in the world are we supposed to know its a razor for men ad by the green vegetable and miniature sun at the end of it?

Starting out with the focus on contrast, the fuchsia/pink color that is set at the background provides contrast enough to distinguish a difference on top of the background because of the shadow but not enough to make you feel part of the advertisement. Along with the contrast comes texture, being related to this, it makes things look very flat.
Originally I thought that this was a cucumber because of the size it represented.  The orientation of the vegetable in this picture makes it look smaller than it is supposed to be. After looking at it longer I decided it was supposed to be a zucchini.
The big yellow thing at the top of the zucchini looks like a sun, This probably is misrepresented in what the creator was trying to do by just gaining attention to the inside of the shape.
All in all, this advertisement makes me feel anxiously angry inside with no harmony felt. The color is not a pleasing or relaxing, and on top of that, for a men's facial razor advertisement why would I want to think of male genitalia in the process of shopping for my face? GLIDE missed the bus on the design award

Schick on the other hand knows how to relate to the consumer. The contrast of texture from the light coming through the windows of the old classic car and the lights and dark's in color create the contrast that brings harmony to the advertisement making one feel relaxed and comfortable. Under that photo shopped beard is a beautiful woman that her bright curled hair creates energy by using diagonal and vertical lines throughout. Unlike GLIDE, Schick displays a problem, and creates a solution to it. Having the model on the left side with her arm up creates a feeling of position and orientation that makes it feel like you're in the car with her. This ad capitalizes on the Law of Closure and lets our mind continue the picture.

Another thing noticed in the design process of this ad is that these are two things that men love. CARS and WOMEN. When they are added together the likelihood of a man buying this product is far greater when he can relate and or be attracted to the ad.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If its not obvious by my previous post, let it be known that my element is within the outdoors. I've always been fascinated by big game like mule deer and elk, but since moving to St. George a couple years ago, I've been especially intrigued with the southern Utah Deer. This photograph was taken by my friend Jason Wittwer and with his permission I am using it. When I initially saw this photo in an album with a few others he took, this one stood out to me more than any of the others. Maybe its because there is two beautiful creatures standing there looking at you, or maybe it is because of good photography and design of the picture. Either way this photograph exudes the 3 key aspects of contrast, harmony, and balance that we discussed in class.

The element of contrast is presented in the texture of the blurred foreground and background of the plants against the antlers and bodies of these deer. The dotty texture of the hair makes it feel and look like you can see each individual hair following the contours of the body. The whites and grays (highlights and shadows) bring about a gloomy cold day where you can almost feel the temperature by looking at the picture. The contrast not only brings about the cold and the gloomy feel but you can tell that these animals are very much alive and almost what these deer are thinking by how they are positioned, the buck on the right looks more curious as to figuring out whether the photographer is a threat or not while the one on the left looks pissed because his feeding was interrupted. These bucks compliment each other bringing harmony into the picture bringing the sense of peace and serenity for me. Because this brings harmony for me, it delves into my psychological aspects and makes me happy. The interesting thing about this photograph is that it is perfectly balanced. If you look at the bigger buck on the right which is a four point compared to the smaller three point on the left his body is much smaller in width because he is facing us more direct. But even though the buck on the left has a smaller rack, his body is elongated horizontally making his body look bigger. The same could be said with their necks, they are in balance as one. The one on the left is out stretched more vertical while the one on the left looks as if he only had turned his head.

Two of the Gestalt principals that I would like to focus attention on is that of the Law of Continuity and the Law of Closure:

The Law of Continuity comes into perspective when we start looking at the lines in the picture. For me this happens in the antlers. When we look at the antlers we can see a main beam (the first one closest to us when looking directly at it) with other points branching off of it. It shows the smoothest path, and that the lines are going in the path of least resistance.

The Law of Closure comes into effect when "objects grouped together are seen as a whole".  In the picture we cant see the deer's lower halves, but know that they have legs and are whole. This is what is happening when our brains complete and fill in the "missing information".

Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Visceral Response

This is a photo that I took a little over 5 years ago fishing on the Red River around 6 a.m. right at the border of Texas and Arkansas. After taking this photo it immediately gave me a feeling and thought of, "Wow! This is probably one of the best pictures I've ever taken!" I have never given it much thought other than how the fog and the lighting seemed to be over lapping at the perfect time, but after hearing designer Richard Seymour described the effects of stupefying, I would say this is what was and is felt when I look at this photo.

To me, this picture is very calming. I was in my element and feel this way when I am in nature. I feel that there are some places where you know and can feel that few people have ever set foot, or maybe even no one has ever been there, but you. This was one of those places for me. To give more thought to this photo than I have in the past, I would say that from a design point of view the heavy presence of Horizontal Lines gives the photo a calming look, low and relaxed energy flows through this photo with few Vertical Lines.

The fog hovering above the water softens the light of the sunrise and gives the photo a texture I can almost feel just by looking at it. The Intensity and Values of the different colors go from an almost pure black in the hat and collar to almost pure whites in the sun and reflections in the water. There are many reasons that this photo can create a visceral response and I have just but touched on some of the features that effect myself.

So even though this spot was almost a complete loss from a fishing perspective, it made up for in the memories and feelings this photo holds for me.